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What's on in Brentwood & Billericay

Brentwood & Billericay Local Group organise a programme of events such as nature reserve open days, evening talks, visits to local nature reserves and work parties.


All events are open to non members.

What's on in Brentwood & Billericay

Brentwood & Billericay Local Group

Barn OwlBarn Owl by Gary Cox

The Brentwood and Billericay local group carries out all manner of fundraising activities and events including nature reserve Open Days, as well as recruiting new members, local publicity, work parties, evening talks and wildlife trust magazine deliveries.

We provide the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people, share interests and have fun.

Our programmes of events, which include guided walks and illustrative talks, are a great way for you to extend your knowledge of wildlife and to meet informed people who share an interest in the natural world.

We also work hard to publicise the work of the Essex Wildlife Trust, support campaigns and carry out valuable fundraising for the Trust to help protect the wildlife in Essex. We are always happy to welcome new people who want to get involved helping preserve the wildlife of Essex, if that is you, then please contact one of our Committee Members below.

Brentwood & Billericay Local Group Contacts

Chair Bob Dawson 01277 262011 / email

Vice Chair Nancy Rhodes - 01277 353740 / email

Evening Meetings Organiser Mick Hedges - 01277 231367 / 07708 162111 / email

Secretary & Promoter 100 Club Sue Newth-Gibbs - 01277 822183 / email

Treasurer Mike Cousins - 01277 222634

Publicity Officer Bob Dawson 01277 262011 / email

Membership & Distribution Secretary Shirley Jonas - 01277 211491 / email

Membership Recruitment Ken Batson - 01277 353593 email

Planning Issues (Brentwood) Graham Clegg - 07711 632476 / email 


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Thorndon Countryside Centre, in conjunction with Essex County Council, runs various events throughout the year for individuals, families and children.

There are some fantastic walks through ancient woodland and historic deer parks which lie close alongside recently planted woodland and a landscape of small pastures.

To find out more about what’s going on go to:

Thorndon Countryside Centre


Urgent, Volunteers are needed to deliver the EWT Magazines in Brentwood & Billericay.

Do you have some spare time available and would like to use it helping conserve the wildlife of Essex in Brentwood?


Essex wildlife Trust want to hear from people like you, regardless of the amount of time you have available.

More information

Warley Place

Warley Place is open every day during daylight hours. This 25 acre reserve is the site of a house and once famous Edwardian gardens belonging to Ellen Willmott, it is now maintained as a nature reserve by Essex Wildlife Trust. 


There are some spectacular flowers to be enjoyed in the spring.

More information