Vine House Farm Bird Foods

Vine House Farm is one of the UK’s leading wild bird food providers. They grow the vast majority of their bird seed on their conservation award-winning farm in south Lincolnshire. When you buy Vine House Farm bird food, 5% of the value of your order is donated to your local Wildlife Trust

Farming and gardening – a great combination for wildlife

The Wildlife Trusts are proud to partner with Vine House Farm Ltd. Wildlife is a priority on this conservation award winning 1800 acre arable farm in south Lincolnshire. The measures which have been put in place over decades, from dedicated barn owl towers to wild field margins, mean that wildlife thrives alongside successful farming.

Just as farmers are vital to the wellbeing of our countryside, gardeners too manage a vast area. By feeding wild birds you enhance the habitat in your garden and help to provide vital stepping stones by which wildlife can permeate the wider landscape, bringing more and more people into contact with the wonders of the natural world.

As much as possible, Vine House Farm bird seed is grown, mixed and packaged on the farm and what can’t be grown in the UK is carefully sourced.

What’s more by buying Vine House Farm bird food you are supporting your localWildlife Trust and helping to protect and restore your local wild places and wildlife. 5% of the value of your order is donated to the Trust.

Since 2007 over £500,000 has been donated to The Wildlife Trusts, this means:

  • More protection for 2,300 nature reserves cared for by The Wildlife Trusts and safeguarding species and habitats across the UK
  • More support for Living Landscape schemes where Wildlife Trust are working with land-owners, businesses and local communities to restore nature at a landscape-scale
  • More opportunities for people to discover and enjoy nature – Wildlife Trusts run thousands of events and our vital education work is helping the next generation to discover the natural world

It is this combination of wildlife friendly farming, wildlife friendly gardening, the opportunity to further our work and a high quality product, grown and sourced sustainably, which makes The Wildlife Trusts and Vine House Farm natural partners.

A word from Nicholas Watts - owner, Vine House Farm

"I imagine for everyone interested in bird feeding their aim is to attract as much wildlife into their own gardens, however big or small.

My aim here at Vine House Farm is exactly the same, but on a farm scale rather than a garden scale. Over the years I’ve worked hard to ensure that we not only maintain our existing wildlife habitats but create new ones as well. In reality the principles are the same whether it be a small garden or farm like ours, with water and a rich variety of native plants come increased numbers of insects which, in turn, will enhance bird and other animal life."