Legislation and Policy

Marine Legislation and policyHermit Crab

The Marine Act could pave the way for Living Seas and revolutionise the way we manage the UK’s marine environment. Despite being two-thirds of the way there, we are still in the process of seeing additional documents, plans, guidance notes and secondary legislation that will spell out the detail of how the Acts are to be put into force.

It is vitally important that we influence those documents too. It is unlikely the Marine Acts will get everything right first time. There may turn out to be gaps in coverage, loopholes or other problems that undermine or complicate its progress. New European and international laws and agreements could require the UK to go further than the Acts allow.

In order to identify new needs and opportunities, we must monitor closely the implementation of the Acts and their impacts on the health of UK seas.

What can you do?

Help us to remind our Governments of the importance of protecting our seas and the need for a network of Marine Protected Areas.

Help us to stand up for our sea life by signing our petition on line or sign our Petition Fish at Wildlife Trust events this year. Ask your friends, family and everyone you know to do the same. Next year we’ll take your signatures to Government – and show parliamentary and assembly members your support for our seas.