Development threat to Flitch Way

Tuesday 23rd February 2016

The Flitch Way (Photo: James Harvey)

Concern is mounting over the potential impact of a huge new housing development on a popular local wildlife site. The Flitch Way is a disused railway line west of Braintree which has developed into a valuable wildlife habitat with a rich biodiversity. This includes barn owls, slow worms, badgers, skylarks and several bat species.

The planning application is currently being considered by Braintree District Council. The Trust has objected to the proposal on the grounds that it will significantly increase the amount of disturbance and recreational pressure on the Flitch Way. Trampling and other physical damage to the vegetation and predation of wildlife by domestic cats could result in the disappearance of much-loved species such as the song thrush.

You can help to protect the Flitch Way and its wildlife by commenting on the planning application here.