• Keeping it local

    Monday 21st July, 2014

    Local Groups have been at the heart of Essex Wildlife Trust for 40 years. Trust Chairman Mike Sandison, a stalwart of the Maldon Local Group, explains their vital role and plans for the future. Life begins and all that…

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  • The Essex Barn Owl Conservation Project

    Thursday 17th July, 2014

    The Essex Barn Owl Conservation Project was established by Essex Wildlife Trust in 2013 with the aim of reversing the dramatic decline of wild Barn Owl populations recorded across Britain.

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  • Streams of consciousness

    Friday 27th June, 2014

    Mark Iley, Biodiversity Co-ordinator, provides an update on Essex Wildlife Trust’s drive to improve the status of our county’s rivers.

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  • Pond life

    Monday 23rd June, 2014

    We had the wettest winter on record - but the number of ponds in the wider countryside has greatly decreased in the past 50 years.

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  • Ingrebourne Valley Visitor Centre

    Saturday 21st June, 2014

    Update June: Progress on this project is going well and we are still aiming to start construction September’14.

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  • Support the Trust - book a holiday

    Tuesday 17th June, 2014

    Would you like to raise money for the Trust while birdwatching from your houseboat in the Danube Delta or enjoying a ‘trip of a lifetime’ in the Galapagos Islands?

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  • Operation Jab

    Thursday 12th June, 2014

    The Essex Badger Vaccination Project is now under way, with initial surveys of badger setts on Essex Wildlife Trust reserves being carried out by members of the Essex Badger Groups. These surveys will inform our list of priority sites for vaccination, to start in the late summer; our initial target in the first year is to vaccinate 100 badgers before reviewing progress.

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  • Green Bunch Awards

    Monday 9th June, 2014

    Are you or is someone you know aged 12 to 18 years and crazy about conservation?

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  • Roding Valley Grazing Extension

    Wednesday 28th May, 2014

    Essex Wildlife Trust is continuing to expand traditional grazing at our Roding Valley Meadows nature reserve, near Loughton.

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  • Governing Documents relating to AGM 2014

    Thursday 22nd May, 2014

    The following document will be considered for approval by Members attending the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 21st June 2014. (1) Report of the Trustees and Consolidated Financial Statements for year ended 31st December 2013.

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