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  • The Brents are back!

    Tuesday 3rd October, 2017

    Brent Geese – icons of Essex’s estuaries in winter - are arriving in our county after an epic migration to Siberia and back.

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  • Chris Packham at Abbotts Hall Farm

    Tuesday 26th September, 2017

    It was a privilege to welcome Chris Packham to Abbotts Hall Farm for a special sold-out fundraising event.

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  • Thank you volunteers!

    Tuesday 19th September, 2017

    200 wonderful volunteers attended a thank you event at Abbotts Hall Farm

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  • Badger cull: position statement

    Wednesday 13th September, 2017

    Essex Wildlife Trust position statement: Bovine TB in Cattle and the Badger Cull

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  • Remember A Charity Week

    Monday 11th September, 2017

    It’s Remember A Charity Week; this is a national campaign with charities around the country, including Essex Wildlife Trust, that promotes Will writing and legacy giving.

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  • Bioblitz at Fingringhoe Wick

    Monday 4th September, 2017

    More than 300 new records added to our Biological Records Centre for Fingringhoe Wick nature reserve.

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  • Native Honey Bees back at Abberton Reservoir

    Tuesday 22nd August, 2017

    Once believed to be extinct in Britain, the Black honey bee has been re-introduced to Abberton Reservoir to help boost numbers.

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  • Orange Seals in Essex

    Monday 14th August, 2017

    Essex Wildlife Trust answers questions about the orange seals found in Essex.

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  • Marine Month

    Tuesday 1st August, 2017

    August is Essex Wildlife Trust's Marine Month, so get outside and enjoy Essex's beautiful coast!

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  • The Exmoor Ponies are back!

    Monday 15th May, 2017

    The Exmoor ponies have returned to Tiptree Heath once again, to help sustainably manage the vital heathland by grazing, browsing and trampling on invasive scrub species.

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