Take part in our hedgehog survey

The hedgehog, scientific name Erinaceus europaeus, is an instantly recognisable mammal, but there is growing concern that hedgehog populations are declining nationally.

Hedgehog populations have declined from 30 million in the 1950's to just 1.5 million in 1995, and they are now listed as a species of conservation concern.

Take part in our hedgehog survey

Biological Records


Biological records provide information on the location and status of habitats and species. A biological record consists of a minimum of the ‘4 Ws’:

  • WHO made the observation?
  • WHAT species was recorded?
  • WHERE was the species recorded? – a place name and grid reference if possible
  • WHEN was the observation made?

Recording what species are present in Essex is vitally important for the management and conservation of wildlife rich areas. Monitoring important habitat features and the presence of species in a habitat allows us to identify areas in need of management and ensure that the management techniques being used are benefiting wildlife.

Get Involved!

Join the Essex Wildlife Trust survey team

Essex Wildlife Trust runs a number of surveys and training courses throughout the year. We are looking for volunteers to become part of our survey team. For details of surveys or to be added to our mailing list please contact Lorna Shaw the Biological Records Officer on lornas@essexwt.org.uk.

Download out the 2013 Survey leaflet.

Report a sighting

Do you know of any birds, mammals, veteran trees or interesting plants in your area? We are interested in hearing about the species in your local area, whether they are rare or not. Email records@essexwt.org.uk with your species sightings, attaching a photograph if possible. Alternatively, a recording form and guidelines can be downloaded below.

Please use the guidance notes as a reference when filling out the species recording form, and save a copy of this form to print or fill in to send us if you collect records on a regular basis.

Essex Wildlife Trust Records Centre

Essex Wildlife Trust encourages the sharing of species and habitat data to assist in promoting evidence-based conservation. We are currently working to share data with other organisations in Essex and to increase the availability of data across the county. Species and habitat data held by Essex Wildlife Trust will be shared with our partner organisations.

If you have any queries about data sharing or would like to send in records please contact Lorna Shaw, Biological Records Officer, at lornas@essexwt.org.uk

Song Thrush Garden Survey

Please help with our Song Thrush Garden Survey. The Song Thrush is a garden gem: a speckled beauty with a spectacular song. Once common, they are in decline and no one is certain why. By filling in this survey, you can help us try to understand why the Song Thrush is disappearing.

For further details or to fill in the survey online visit Song Thrush Garden Survey


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