Frequently Asked Questions


Our wildlife information service is designed to help you learn about and become actively involved in helping Essex's wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

There is a snake in my garden with eyes but it has legs, what is it?

There is a bat in the house, what should I do?

There is a huge stripy spider in our garden - is it poisionous?

There are no butterflies this year, why not?

There is a badger/fox our garden, will it attack my dogs/children?

What plants/flowers are good for wildlife?

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Bird Questions

I've found a baby bird, what do I do with it?

Should I feed the birds in my garden in the summer?

Where have all the birds gone in my garden?

What do I do if a bird is nesting in my roof?

Is bread good for birds?

What do I do about the Magpies in my garden?

Where do I put our birdbox?

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Pond Questions

I need to drain my garden pond. What is the best ime to do this work?

I have too much frogspawn or tadpoles. Should I take them to another pond?

My pond has frozen over with frogspawn in it. Should I bring it inside until it is warm again?

I have seen a frog that is a strange colour. Is this unusual?

I have a dead frog in my pond. Should I report it?

Where can I find informaiton about how to create/manage my pond?

Fish are being taken from my pond and eaten. What is causing this and how do I prevent it?

I know of a pond with Great Crested Newts that is threatened. Who do I report this to? 

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