Welcome to our live webcams!

Swallows -Photographer Vicky Nall

We are very excited to unveil a new live webcam this year: a pair of Swallows, nesting in the garage next to our Fingringhoe Wick Visitor Centre, south-east of Colchester. There are two chicks in the nest.

Watch the Swallow cam here

We also have our live Barn Owl webcam, from our Blue House Farm nature reserve, on the Crouch Estuary, back for a sixth year in a row. There are two chicks in the nest, with more expected to hatch.

Watch the Barn Owl cam here

We hope to bring you one more live webcam later this month: of a Soprano Pipistelle Bat maternity roost, from the roof of our Hanningfield Reservoir Visitor Centre, near Billericay.

Please note that our webcams show live, unedited footage of wildlife; it is possible that there may be disturbing images of the natural world. Nor are we allowed to interfere with breeding birds on their nests.

Thank you to the following for their technical help and expertise: Outersight, Wildlife Gadgetman and Shadowfax.