KS3 and 4

Key Stage 3 & 4 Programmes

Our sites provide perfect habitats and ecosystems for developing skills relating to scientific attitudes, experimental skills and investigations, ecosystems and geographical skills and fieldwork. We can help you to select the perfect site to fit your requirements depending on whether you are investigating coastal processes, studying ecological succession or investigating other aspects of the natural world or human impacts. 

We provide all risk assessments, equipment and expertise and we have the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality badge. All our activities can be adapted to meet all learning needs and our sites are accessible. You can come to our sites or we can travel to your site.

Topics covered include coastal studies, river studies, habitat surveys, Plasticology, ecosystem investigations, biological sampling, food farming and wildlife, bush craft, orienteering, geology, sustainability, practical conservation, forest school and wildlife areas.

Select from the activities below and contact us to create a programme that meets your needs.

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For bookings and more information contact the visitor centre of your choice or the Outdoor Learning team telephone 01621 862992 or email

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KS34 Coastal studies

Coastal studies

Collect primary data and investigate coastal landforms, coastal realignment, processes and human impacts on these processes.

KS34 River Studies

River Studies

Use equipment to uncover the secret world of river wildlife and measure flow to help understand the river from source to sea.

KS34 Habitat surveys

Habitat surveys

Use equipment and techniques to collect scientific data and practise sampling in ponds, saltmarsh, meadows and woodland.

KS34 Ecosystem investigations

Ecosystem investigations

Identify trophic levels, create food webs and carry out energy dispersal calculations to learn how energy flows through an ecosystem.

KS34 Biological sampling

Biological sampling

Practise biological skills and techniques by selecting from a range of activities for example mammal trapping or transects.

KS34 Bushcraft


Team building challenges, shelter making, fire lighting, rope work and green woodwork.

KS34 Orienteering


Navigate your way around using orienteering skills. Work as a team to complete challenges and learn how to use a map and compass.

KS34 Geology


Learn about the geology of your local area or a nature reserve of your choice. Explore types of rocks found and investigate the soils.

KS34 Sustainability


Discuss the importance of sustainability through a range of interactive games and activities.

KS34 Forest School

Forest School

Our qualified leaders deliver Forest School to increase wellbeing, confidence, wildlife knowledge, practical skills and collaboration.

KS34 Wildlife Areas

Wildlife Areas

Make your grounds great for wildlife again. Plan, create and plant up areas. Make bug hotels, ponds, willow structures and log piles.

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For bookings and more information contact the Nature Discovery Centre of your choice or the Outdoor Learning team telephone 01621 862992 or email

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