Monthly Spotlight

Monthly Spotlight

Brent Geese
Photo: Terry Whittaker/2020VISION

Follow our monthly themes, read our blogs and find out how you can help wildlife.


Photo - Bob Coyle


Winter Survival

As the temperature drops and food becomes scarce, winter can become a challenging time for wildlife in Essex. It is at this time that garden visitors will be in need of a regular source of energy rich food and fresh water.

We explore five quick and simple ways you can help to support wildlife this winter!

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Homes and Habitats

Photo: Ross Hoddinott 2020 VISION


Homes and Habitats

Garden lawns, hedges and ponds are common sights across Essex. However, where we see a regular nature spot, wildlife sees a place to call home. We explore some of the different wildlife habitats you can easily spot in your garden!

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Photo: Nick Upton


Signs of Spring

We have been experiencing a very early spring in Essex, with temperatures rising and spring wildlife appearing as early as mid-February! With the first day of spring approaching, the change of season is bringing with it some exciting wildlife spotting opportunities. Why not see how many you can spot?

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Blackbird Nest

Photo: Lizzie Wiberforce


Eggs & Nests

As April arrives, we are excited for birds to begin nesting across Essex. But who’s nest belongs to who? We explore the most interesting nests to spot this month!

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Blue Tit

Photo: Gillian Day


Water for Wildlife

All animals need water to survive. By providing a water source in your garden, you can invite in a whole menagerie!

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Wild walk

Photo: Zsuzsanna Bird


30 Days Wild

Go WILD with Essex Wildlife Trust this June & join hundreds of thousands of people taking part in 30 Days Wild. 

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Orange Tip butterfly

Photo: Ross Hoddinott/2020VISION


Bug Bonanza

Insects are crucial to many ecosystems and vital for the food chain, and we can all do our bit to protect them. Here are five simple ways you can create insect habitats in your garden this summer!

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