Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

Photo: Nick Upton

Return of the frogs!

One of the first signs of spring is the return of these lively amphibians; now is when they begin to come out of hibernation and start breeding, so expect to see lots of frogspawn! Did you know? Frogs tend to return to the same pond every year.

Common Frogs Courting

Common Frogs Courting. Photo: Gillian Day

Buzzing with life

Have you heard the familiar buzzing of bees yet? March is when you start to see the first bees; they will be queens seeking pollen and nectar from spring flowers. Would you like to help bees in your garden? Download your guide to encouraging these beautiful visitors into your garden right here.

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Buff-tailed Bumblebee
Warley Place

Flowers spring up

All of a sudden, the beautiful colours of spring begin to appear as flowers start to bloom. Common sights include Daffodils, Primrose and Snowdrops. One of the best places to see spring flowers is our Warley Place Nature Reserve; the carpet of Daffodils provides an enchanting nature experience.

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Welcome back!

You may have noticed the sudden increase in birdsong – these are some of the migratory birds returning from their travels abroad. Species to be spotted in March include Chiffchaffs (listen out for their repetitive ‘chiff chaff’ sound) and Wheatears, which are recognisable by their long black legs and tail.

A migrant male wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe), Essex, UK

A migrant male Wheatear.  Photo: Luke Massey/2020VISION

All of a flutter

The beautiful Brimstone butterfly is one of the first to emerge; sometimes appearing as early as February. They are key pollinators of Primroses and use their long tongues to reach into the deep flowers of teasels, thistle, and Buddleia. Their wings closely resemble leaves which can make them difficult to spot.

Brimstone Butterfly

Brimstone Butterfly. Photo: Peter Hewitt