Report a sighting

Report a sighting

Photo Jamie Hall

Recording and surveying wildlife in a standardised way helps us monitor how species are doing. 

How do I report sightings?

Why not tell us what you've spotted by submitting your sighting to our records centre.

If you want to share what you have seen more widely and include more detail then submit your sightings to the Essex Records Centre website. All you need to do is sign up once to be able to enter sightings, whether it's a one off record or for every wildlife encounter you have! Quick and easy, anything you contribute will be considered locally and nationally.

What should I report?

Anything and everything! There is never any harm in reporting what you have seen. In fact, any contribution made to recording efforts helps us to better understand our natural world.

Tell us what you've seen

Let us know what you've been lucky enough to see! Whether it's on one of our nature reserves or in your back garden, your sightings help us build valuable county records that we can use to monitor species increase or declines and help us advise on planning applications. 

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