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Brentwood & Billericay wildlife walk at Wallasea Island

Posted: Tuesday 28th November 2017 by Brentwood and Billericay Local Group

Wallasea IslandWallasea Island

A great turn out to walk around this vast and developing RSPB reserve on Sunday 26th Nov.

Seventeen enthusiastic bird watchers turned out on a bright sunny morning, although a brisk breeze brought a chill factor for those unprepared. Although the tide wasn't in our favour there were the usual candidates to be seen walking along the sea wall, including Ringed Plover and Reed Bunting. On the return leg a small number were treated to a female Hen Harrier overhead.

For those who stayed for the afternoon walk around the more recently opened circular path, there was a great sighting of  about fifty Golden Plover, their magnificant plummage henhanced for the late afternoon sun. 

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