Surveying Volunteers

Conservation of species relies heavily on survey work, most of which is undertaken by volunteers. Through projects such as Riversearch, Shoresearch, and the Essex Biodiversity project, we train hundreds of volunteers to identify field signs and species which enables us to build up a picture of our county's biodiversity.

Even beginners can learn the skills required to contribute to this important work and for those intending to pursue a full time career in conservation, there is no better way to get this essential experience. 

Please get in touch for information about the latest courses and projects in your area.

For further information please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinators - on 01621 862960 or email

Riversearch was set up to offer training and experience to volunteers with an interest in freshwater habitats and species. Coordinated by our Water for Wildlife Officer, annual surveys are undertaken of rivers and wetlands throughout Essex, which are then used to inform important conservation work in the county.

If you would like to take part contact Darren Tansley on 01621 862995 or email