Essential 'tree-thinning', Little Baddow Heath

Friday 10th November 2017

We have recently begun felling some immature / young trees at Little Baddow Heath, Danbury, between Chelmsford and Maldon, with the view to make space to allow the woodland to develop. The work will continue over the winter period.

The process is known as ‘thinning’, where a proportion of the trees are felled.

“This work is essential since the woodland is overgrown and there is not a lot of light that reaches the woodland floor,” Adam Rochester, Reserves Manager at Essex Wildlife Trust, said. “Light is important because it promotes the growth of beautiful wildflowers, among them Yellow Archangel, and shrubs, including the Hawthorn, and attracts amazing butterflies, such as the White Admiral.”

The work, which will be carried out by a contractor using sizable but bespoke equipment that is designed to have minimal impact to the ground, has full consent from Natural England and the Forestry Commission. We thank local residents for their patience while the work is carried out.

We are also carrying out habitat work, approved by the Forestry Commission and Natural England, at Woodham Walter, to create a network of rides through the ridge. By removing scrub and lifting some of the over-shading trees we should get lots of light and, in the not too distant future, grass and wildflowers. This in turn should attract more birds and, especially, butterflies and dragonflies. We are also removing scrub which was overwhelming heather in the heathland area.

There are posters at the sites, with more information for passers-by.