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Wednesday 17th July 2013

Barn OwlPackham, photographed by Gary Cox

August: The baby birds have flown - well done Packham and Strachan!

2015: Watch our Barn Owls live here

Our resident film star Barn Owls, Packham and Strachan, have successfully raised three owlets for the second year running. The pair, who breed in a barn at our Blue House Farm nature reserve in North Fambridge, saw their three chicks fledge last week.

Last year, the owls - named after BBC Springwatch presenters, Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan - also raised three chicks, live on air. Each year Strachan has laid four eggs, of which three hatched.

There are still Barn Owls to be seen in the box: at least one youngster continues to use the box to rest and roost and its siblings may still be in the vicinity. 

Blue House Farm is perfect for Barn Owls. The reserve's coastal meadows, alongside the River Crouch, are ideal hunting grounds for the Owls as there is a good population of Short-tailed Field Voles, which are the favourite prey of Barn Owls.

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