Protecting Essex Wildlife


Essex Wildlife Trust is protecting wildlife for the future.

The conservation department at Essex Wildlife Trust are implementing the Trust's vision for the future, Living Landscapes, where large areas of land are reconnected for wildlife and people. The Trust is also working with landowners and other organisations towards conserving and managing important wildlife sites across the county.

The Trust's Water for Wildlife Officer is working in Essex surveying for Otters and Water Voles with an important team of volunteers and offering management advice so that habitats are improved for both species, whilst also working on the general improvement of our Waterways so that many other species can thrive.

Biological records are being recorded and collated by Essex Wildlife Trust on nature reserves. These records help the management of nature reserves for specific species and habitats. A seasearch programme has also been instigated to estabilsh what is on our shoreline so that the protection and conserving of the Essex coast can begin.

Essex Wildilfe Trust objects to many major planning applications that will have an impact on important habitats and wildlife and is currently objecting to the expansion of Stansted airport on these grounds.

The Essex Biodiversity Project is based at Abbotts Hall Farm, the Trust's main office. The Essex Biodiversity Project is working towards conserving and improving 15 habitats and protecting 28 species across the county of Essex.

We also work with a number of partner organisations towards protecting wildlife for the future.

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