Welcome to our Swallow nest live webcam!

Wednesday 11th April 2018

Swallow youngsters by Richard Bowler

The nest is at our Fingringhoe Wick nature reserve, on the Colne Estuary, south-east of Colchester, among the wooden beams of the garage next door to our visitor centre.

Swallows are acrobatic, much-loved birds that are summer visitors to the UK, after wintering in Africa. Swallows have nested in this location at Fingringhoe Wick for several years in a row and last year we were able to watch two chicks successfully fledge the nest!

Please note that this is live, unedited footage of Swallows; at times, it is possible that there may be disturbing images of the natural world.


05/04: The first Swallows were spotted back at Fingringhoe Wick, flying over the visitor centre, we're hoping they'll find the nest soon.

09/04: Two Swallows are now at the centre flying around the nest site.

17/04: The Swallow pair are regularly using the nest - there will be eggs soon.

19/04: They are collecting more mud and adding it to the nest.

With thanks to 'Wildlife Gadgetman', Outersight and Shadowfax for their technical expertise.

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