Who's Who

Staff Meeting - Hanningfield October 2018Staff Meeting - Hanningfield October 2018

Patron: Mike Dilger

President: Professor Jules Pretty OBE


Stewart Goshawk - Chairman
Penelope Johnson - Vice Chair
Lin Wenlock - Vice Chair
Keeley Hazelhurst
Will Akast
David Holt
Philip Ormond
Rachel Steward
Geoffrey Duffield
Charles Joynson
Malcolm Hardy  


Chief Executive: Andrew Impey
Telephone: 01621 862960
Email: PAtoCEO@essexwt.org.uk

PA to CEO: Deb Howard
Telephone: 01621 862973
Email: debh@essexwt.org.uk

Head of Finance and Services: Rebecca Malthouse
Telephone: 01621 862957
Email: rebeccam@essexwt.org.uk

Head of Visitor and Commercial Operations: Lisa Smart
Telephone: 01621 862994
Email: lisas@essexwt.org.uk

Retail Manager: Kevin Blake
Telephone: 01621 862978
Email: kevinb@essexwt.org.uk

Head of Landscape Conservation: Dave Fairlamb
Telephone: 01621 862981
Email: davef@essexwt.org.uk

Community Engagement and Education Advisor: Anna Gordon
Telephone: 01621 862992
Email: annag@essexwt.org.uk

Head of People Support: Michelle Harrison
Telephone: 01621 862950
Email: michelleh@essexwt.org.uk

Membership & Database Manager: David Green 
Telephone: 01621 862964
Email: davidg2@essexwt.org.uk

Communications Officer: Emily McParland (Press Enquiries)
Telephone: 01621 862984
Email: emilymp@essexwt.org.uk

Fundraising Manager: James Newman
Telephone: 01621 862951
Email: jamesn@essexwt.org.uk

Volunteer Co-ordinator - Kelly Osborne
Telephone: 01621 862960
Email: volunteering@essexwt.org.uk

Legacy Officer - Rosalyn Leclercq
Telephone: 01621 862987
Email: rosalynl@essexwt.org.uk