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Abberton Ranger Blog – December 2018

Posted: Sunday 23rd December 2018 by Abberton

December has been quite wet so far but this has been a good thing for tree planting, and the ranger and volunteers have already planted 1,170 of the 4,050 to plant this winter. The ground is nice and soft to dig and the trees will get plenty of moisture to their roots. The rain is also re-filling the ponds that we had re-profiled in November. We have made them deeper and created a better gradient on the shorelines. This should make them more resilient for future dry summers. Some of the vegetation has been reduced as well to give more open water areas within the pond area. Charlie the Abberton Ranger attended her chainsaw refresher course this month. It was good to go through all the techniques again and work through the saftey measures and best practice to keep safe and prove competent whilst carrying out tree cutting work. After a short Christmas break, tree planting will begin again in the new year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the visitors to Abberton Reserve.

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