Orange Seals in Essex

Monday 14th August 2017

Emily McParland - Essex Wildlife Trust

Essex Wildlife Trust answers questions about the orange seals found in Essex.

Did you know that Essex is home to some peculiar coloured seals?

Watch below to see a video of some of these Common and Grey seals in north Essex sporting their orange glow. 

You may have already seen these clips this week as they have since featured on the BBC website, BBC Look East, ITV Anglia and even in the Telegraph! Many people were hearing about these coloured seals for the first time, so we answered some of the recurring questions that people had about these seals. 

As stated, whether you see them from land, on your own boat or on a wildlife watching tour boat, please never approach the seals and ensure the seals are never disturbed. Instead, enjoy watching them hauled out from a distance and then you can watch all of their natural behaviours and individual characters as they relax in their muddy environment. 

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