You really can make a difference to the wildlife in Essex!

Membership Survey

Essex Wildlife Trust Members
Survey 2015

We are extremely grateful to you for supporting our work at Essex Wildlife Trust. We last did a membership survey in 2012. We would value your input again, so would be grateful if you could take a few moments to fill in the 2015 survey below.

This survey will help us better understand our members, how we can improve your experience and how we can attract more members to support our work to Protect Wildlife for the Future and for the People of Essex.

Gift Aid

Boost your membership donation by 25% at no extra cost to you, all you need to do is confirm your Gift Aid eligibility and we can claim back the tax from your donation from HMRC!

Join today to enjoy lots of benefits and help protect the wildlife and countryside you love in Essex.

Could you give £1.50 a week to help protect once plentiful wildflower meadows or woodland butterflies under threat? Our work to protect our local wildlife has never been more important. Please join online today or call 01621 862964.

We keep our membership rates as low as possible because we feel that everyone should be able to support Essex Wildlife Trust. For this reason we are asking for those that can afford it, to contribute a bit more.

To continue to work efficiently and effectively we need to have a reliable source of income and for this reason we are asking people to make a pledge, by giving a small amount, but on a regular basis. The pledge is not legally binding, it simply reflects your intention.

If your circumstances change you can cancel it immediately. People often ask how much they should give. As a guide we feel that £1.50 per week isn’t too much to ask of most people. However, this is only a suggestion, so if you choose to join as a member, please feel free to give a greater or lesser amount to suit your level of concern for wildlife conservation and your pocket.

What members of Essex Wildlife Trust contribute to:

  • Improving and maintaining our 87 nature reserves and 2 nature parks on 8,400 acres of land. Where wildlife is protected and people have free access
  • Purchasing and managing more land for nature. There is still important land to be protected for the benefit of wildlife - as Essex is further developed it is important to keep green areas for wildlife and people
  • Responses to over 300 contentious planning applications

Essex Wildlife Trust also educates over 58,000 children and adults each year. Teaching them about the importance of wildlife and ensuring they experience and enjoy the natural world around them. There are 15 education staff across the county and 2 community wildlife officers who are busy working with schools, community groups and adults offering extensive knowledge of the importance of Essex wildlife, whilst ensuring it is fun.

Essex Wildlife Trust manage 11 visitor centres, which offer fantastic events across the county and offer people a really inspiring day out and information about the surrounding nature reserves. Staff and volunteers also offer conservation advice to land owners, local authorities and the general public. Information is available through a range of mediums, such as information displays, leaflets, magazines and trail guides which all offer people up-to-date advice about our work and how best to appreciate the fantastic countryside.

We are continually working with MPs, councillors and industry to protect wildlife and to offer important green space for people.

Essex Wildlife Trust relies on members like you to fund its important conservation work across the county. Help safeguard your natural world NOW.