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Wednesday Walks at Abberton Reservoir Visitor Centre

Another new venture for us!

On the first Wednesday of the month 10.30am - 12 noon.


Join Ruth for a gentle stroll around the nature reserve to see how many wildlife species you can find. Finish back at the visitor centre for tea/coffee.

Requested donation £5 per person. Please book in advance on 01206 738172.

Abberton Tearoom

NEW! We're pleased to announce that we are now able to offer an increased range of catering options.

The tearoom serves a selection of hot items including breakfast baps, jacket potatoes with various fillings and soups with freshly baked rolls. As well as sandwiches, wraps, panini, toasties and children’s lunch boxes.

We do of course continue to serve delicious handmade cakes including gluten & diary free, cream teas, toasted teacakes and seasonal homemade bakes and strive to offer something for everyone and aspire to continue to serve & support the visitor centre.

Abberton Reservoir News and Sightings

We would like to wish our visitors a Happy New Year.

Our tearoom is offering homemade specials, locally sourced bacon rolls, paninis, homemade soup, jacket potatoes with various fillings, toasted teacake, fruit scone with jam and butter or cream, various cakes, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, and snacks every day.

Tearoom Volunteers ..... We have vacancies for volunteers to help in our lovely tearoom. You don't need experience just a friendly demeanour and a willingness to help Essex Wildlife Trust provide excellent customer service. If you have some spare time and you are interested in helping take Abberton Reservoir forward please call 01206 738172

Sightings Key:  

bold = rare/unusual record italic = first of the season/unse asonal record
underline = unusual but not wild  



16 January

blue tit, great tit, chaffinch, pheasant,  mallard, starling,  rooks, goosander, mute swan, egyptian goose, great crested grebe, tufted duck,  kestrel, shag, cormorant, goldeneye, pochard, goosander, redshank, canada goose, mallard, shoveler, pochard, smew, grey heron, coot, moorhen, rook,  carrion crow,  magpie, wood pigeon, pied wagtail, blackheaded gull, lesser blackbacked gull.

15 January

blue tit, great tit, pheasant, chaffinch, starling, carrion crow, mallard, tufted duck, goldfinch, long tailed tit, shoveler, goldeneye, great crested grebe, mute swan, goosander, great white egret, grey heron, egyptian goose, wigeon, cormorant, pochard, smew, canada goose,  shoveler,  great crested grebe, coot, moorhen, pied wagtail, starling, goosander, rook, greylag goose, grey heron,  goldeneye, shag, cormorant,

14 January

goldfinch, chaffinch, blue tit, great tit, pheasant, carrion crow, mallard, cormorant, mute swan, goldeneye, goosander, great white egret, pochard, tufted duck, blackheaded gull, wigeon, smew, shag, redshank, great crested grebe.

13 January

reed bunting, goldfinch, chaffinch, goldcrest, long tailed tit, blue tit, great tit,  skylark, mallard, buzzard, mash harrier, meadow pipit, little stint, curlew, dunlin, lapwing, goosander, goldeneye,  greylag goose, kingfisher, pochard, tufted duck, rook, carrion crow,  canada goose, , wigeon,  mute swan, linnet, gadwall, pied wagtail, fieldfare, grey heron, goosander, goldeneye,  teal,  kestrel, peregrine, brent goose,

12 January

carrion crow, starling, chaffinch, great tit, meadow pipit, mallard, scaup, ruff, shoveler, pied wagtail, goldeneye,  pochard, tufted duck, pheasant, canada goose, cormorant, lapwing, great crested grebe, smew, redshank, buzzard, egyptian goose, coot, moorhen, ruff, marsh harrier, shag.

11 January

hen harrier, teal, gadwall, wigeon, redshank, pied wagtail, pochard, tufted duck, smew, shag.

10 January

fieldfare, blue tit, chaffinch, goldfinch, pheasants, mallard, kestrel, robin, blackbird,  carrion crow, great crested grebe,  pochard, teal, wigeon, stonechat, peregrine, smew, raven, kingfisher, goosander, goldeneye, shag.

9 January

magpie, pheasant, canada goose,  blue tit, goldfinch, fieldfare, chaffinch, long tailed tit, kestrel, mute swan, canada goose, greylag goose,  shelduck, mallard, lapwing, little stint, pied wagtail, wigeon, gadwall, teal, goosander, linnet,  pochard, grey heron, cormort,  egyptian goose, mallard, shoveler, pochard, tufted duck, blackheaded gull, lesser black backed gull, carrion crow, pied wagtail, greylag goose, goldeneye, smew, great crested grebe,  grey heron, coot, cormorant,  wood pigeon, goosander, shag.

8 January 

blue tit, great tit, long tailed tit, goldfinch, cormorant, great crested grebe, canada goose, mallard, starling, fieldfare, tufted duck,  egyptian goose, blackbird, pheasant, buzzard, ruff, little stint, shelduck, lapwing,  mute swan, stonechat, peregrine falcon, goosander, great white egret, shag, kingfisher, goldeneye, tufted duck, great crested grebe, pochard, redshank, pied wagtail, kestrel, cormorant, smew, pochard, shoveler, little egret, coot, greylagoose, starling, wigeon, grey heron, mute swan, rook,  moorhen,  wood pigeon, chaffinch, piedwag tail.

7 January 

goosander, great spotted woodpecker, blue tit chaffinch, great tit, pheasant, carrion crow, rook, pied wagtail, bewick swan, teal, wigeon, pochard,  blackheaded gull, herring gull, lesser blackbacked gull, cormorants,  shoveler, smew, bittern, goldeneye, white fronted goose, shag, scaulp, pochard, wigeon, gadwall, teal, tufted duck, canada goose, great crested grebe, greylag goose, stockdove, grey heron, meadow pipit, skylark.

6 January

fieldfare, blue tit, goldfinch, great tit, long tailed tit, blackbired, starling, pheasant, marsh harrier, bewick swan, buzzard, peregrine, kestrel, little stint, merlin, shag, bittern, smew, ruff, egyptian goose, great crested grebe, pochard, tufted duck, moorhen, shoveler, mallard, mute swan,  waterpipit, grey heron, kingfisher,  wigeon, coot, blackheaded gull, cormorant,  snipe, pink footed goose, greylang goose.

5 January

goosander, common buzzard, linnet, little stint, spotted redshank, curlew, pintail, shelduck, goldeneye, peregrine, great white egret, goosander, grey heron, great crested grebe, redshank, shag, kestrel, stonechat, egyptain goose, pochard, cormorant, smew, marsh harrier, water rail, kingfisher, wigeon, tufted duck, gadwall, shoveler, black-headed gull, common gull, mute swan, kestrel, teal, greylag goose, moorhen, coot, canada goose.

4 January

pheasant, stock dove, starling, carrion crow, blue tit, great tit, chaffinch, meadow pipit, smew, canada goose, black-headed gull, common gull, herring gull, great black-backed gull, shag, goosander, great white egret, marsh harrier, stonechat, teal, wigeon, cormorant, mute swan, grey heron, great crested grebe, gadwall, mallard, goldeneye, shoveler, pochard, tufted duck. 

3 January

peregrine, teal, pochard, tufted duck, goosander, wigeon, blue tit, chaffinch, great crested grebe.

2 January

barn owl, canada goose, egyptian goose, goosander, great crested grebe, tufted duck, blue tit, great tit, long-tailed tit, chaffinch, marsh harrier, ruff, ringed plover, pintail, dunlin, shelduck, little stint, cormorant, mallard, dartford warbler, stonechat, great white egret, grey heron, mute swan, greylag goose, wigeon, teal, pochard, goldeneye, smew, little egret, moorhen, wood pigeon, carrion crow, rook, black-headed gull, red crested pochard, pied wagtail.

1 January

meadow pipit, stonechat, little stint, great white egret, wigeon, teal, mute swan, great crested grebe, red crested pochard, smew, bittern, woodcock, corn bunting, green sandpiper, goosander, fieldfare, cormorant, mallard, shoveler, little egret, blue tit, goldfinch, barn owl, great tit, goldeneye, marsh harrier, grey heron, peregrine falcon, pintail, sparrowhawk, kingfisher, chaffinch, canada goose, greylag goose, egyptian goose, tufted duck, ruff, hen harrier, dartford warbler, corn bunting, scaup.