Swallow Webcam

Swallow webcam

Swallow youngsters Photo - Richard Bowler

Welcome to our live Swallow webcam

The nest is at our Fingringhoe Wick nature reserve, on the Colne Estuary, south-east of Colchester, among the wooden beams of the garage next door to our visitor centre.

Swallows are acrobatic, much-loved birds that are summer visitors to the UK, after wintering in Africa. Swallows have nested in this location at Fingringhoe Wick for several years in a row.


Saturday 25th May - 3 chicks have been spotted on the camera this morning
Friday 31st May - Mum has been spotted feeding 5 chicks
Wednesday 5th June - All 5 chicks look healthy and are growing fast
Monday 10th June - The chicks have been stretching their wings and will be ready to fledge any day now
Friday 14th June - All 5 chicks have left the nest

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Thursday 27th June - Looks like we are getting ready for a second brood
Friday 12th July - We believe the chicks have hatched

Thursday 25th July - Unfortunately we lost 2 of the chicks today, the 3 remaining chicks were all unwell and have been taken to a wildlife rescue centre.

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