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Abberton Ranger Blog – November 2017

Posted: Saturday 25th November 2017 by Abberton

We have begun this winter's tree planting! It wasn't the best start. The weather has been extremely dry, and the ground of the area we are working in is particularly stony and hard. So the progress is a little slow so far. We have 5,500 trees in total to plant this winter in new sections of hedge around the reservoir site linking to mature hedges, providing shelter and food to wildlife across the site. We wished one of our reserve volunteers well on her return to Australia after 50 years in the UK, thanking her for her 6 years at Abberton and over 20 years volunteering for EWT, but not before we got Trish to do one more session of tree planting! Unfortunately the rest of the volunteers will have to battle on and we hope that the next area is softer ground, or we get some rain!

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