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Brentwood & Billericay Talk - Bats in Essex

Posted: Tuesday 20th February 2018 by Brentwood and Billericay Local Group

A very informative talk about the bats on our door step and the measures being taken to understand them better.

Ella Barnett of the Essex Bat Group told us that the EBG is involved in education, surveying (for example in Thorndon and South Weald CPs) , organising and leading bat walks and bat rescue/care.. Bats are found all over the world (except in Antartica) and are very important for pollination of plants, seed dispersal and pest control (eating up to 3000 insects a day). There are 18 species of bat in Britain and 10 species can be found in Essex, but relatively little is known about our native bat populations. The common and soprano pipistrelles are the ones you are most likely to see in the summer just after sunset; at this time of year the bats are hibernating in such places as the tunnels at Chafford Gorges. Ella’s tips for attracting bats to your garden include using native and night scented plants, having a pond and compost heap (for insects as a food source) and not using pesticides. Also using outdoor lights sensitively (although bats do sometimes forage for moths around street lamps) and bringing in your cat an hour before sunset! You may also wish to put up bat boxes on a south facing wall. The EBG website provides lots of information about the different species of bats and where to see them; local walks, talks and how to get involved in surveying. See. The Bat Conservation Trust is also a good source of information.

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