Naze update

Monday 4th January 2016

The Naze Centre build, with The Naze Tower clad in scaffolding to the right, in The Naze Visitor Centre

Essex Wildlife Trust’s project to build a state-of-the-art visitor and education centre at Walton’s historic Naze is progressing well.

A significant milestone was the installation of the building’s ‘green roof’, in the autumn. A blanket of Stonecrop (Sedum) covers the roof of the whole building, with other flowering plants inserted as plug plants into the blanket. Beneath is a fully watertight membrane.

The roof will change colour with the seasons, to blend in with its surroundings – a significant factor for those looking at the building from the Naze and from the top of The Naze Tower. When the weather is moist it will be mainly green; in spring it will be in full flower and in dry periods will consist of reds and browns. The roof will also be an important habitat for insects and birds.

The Naze Centre is due to be completed within weeks and is expected to be open in late spring/early summer 2016, with an official opening later in the year.

Essex Wildlife Trust is part of The Naze Management Board, which aims to improve the management of the Naze open space for the benefit of its heritage, education, wildlife and geological interest and to improve facilities for the visiting public.

The centre will be a unique destination which maximises its environmental and heritage assets. It will provide a warm welcome and be a focal point for visitors before they explore the Naze and beyond, making visits to the Naze even more enjoyable, informative, rewarding and memorable – and extending them to all seasons.

It will also provide educational facilities for a wide range of school and college groups. The Naze is one of the textbook case studies covering such aspects as wildlife, fossils, geology, coastal processes and coastal communities.