Essex Biodiversity


The Essex Biodiversity Project

The Essex Biodiversity Project is an informal partnership of more than 40 organisations and individuals committed to preserving and enhancing biodiversity in Essex. A steering group comprises of representatives from a number of organisations to guide the work of the Project.

Partners support the Essex Biodiversity Project in a variety of ways; with funding, time, expertise or other resources. For further information about our work, or to find out how your organisation could play a key role in protecting the biodiversity of Essex, please contact the chair of the steering group (Steve Plumb), the Coordinator (Mark Iley) or the Project Officer ( Rebecca Banks).


The Essex Biodiversity Project was set up in 1999 for the purpose of implementing the Essex BAP, one of the 162 local BAPs in the UK. These were formed following the UK's signature to the Convention on Biological Diversity (1992) and the subsequent need for action to conserve biodiversity at a local level.

The overall aim of the Essex Biodiversity Project is:

To protect, conserve and enhance the variety of wildlife species and habitats in Essex through the successful implementation of the Essex Biodiversity Action Plan.

The Essex Biodiversity Project is busy safeguarding 28 species and 15 habitats across the county.

For further information please visit the Essex Biodiversity website or email