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Abberton Ranger Blog – September 2018

Posted: Wednesday 24th October 2018 by Abberton

September has been a busy month at Abberton. We have cut most of the grass and wildflower areas on the reserve, removing the arisings. This will prevent a thatch forming from the old vegetation that could stifle the new growth. It will also reduce nutrient levels so encouraging the flowering species instead of just the grasses. We have also started pruning the hedges, leaving any branches heavily laden with berries for the winter. We spent two days at Hanningfield with some of our volunteers helping to cut back some of the reed in the reed bed to refresh the growth for next year. The second day was very hot making it quite hard work but good fun and a change from our work. All the Rangers from Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk that work in partnership with Essex & Suffolk Water had a meet up for training and to catch up on each others reserve work and latest news. It was an interesting day. We have lots more work to do including more grass and hedge cutting and planning for winter work.

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