Adopt a Species for Christmas!

Adopt a Species for Christmas!

Photo: Mark Hamblin/2020VISION

Why not give the perfect Christmas gift this year by Adopting a Species for your family or friends! 

This Christmas we are offering you the fantastic opportunity to adopt a species as a festive gift for your family, friends or for yourself! You can chose from all our and your favourites that can be seen across the Essex countryside - brown hare, brent goose, hedgehog, barn owl, water vole and badger.

The lucky recipient, or yourself, will receive a special gift certificate, one of our fantastic pin badges of your chosen species, and in the Spring, receive an invite to a special event for your chosen species. The species events will take place at one of our reserves, and will be led by one of our Essex Wildlife Trust experts.

We thank those of you who has already decided to adopt a species and have donated to our appeal, look out for your invites to your special species event in the Spring, and have a Merry Christmas!

Please note: to receive your gift certificate in time for Christmas you need to order no later than midday 17th December 2019. 

This year you can choose from

Brown Hare

Brown Hare

Brown Hare

The Brown Hare is known for its long, black-tipped ears and fast running, reaching speeds of up to 45 mph. They thrive at our Abbotts Hall Farm nature reserve.

Support Brown Hares - from £20

Badger by 2020VISION

Badger - Andrew Parkinson 2020VISION


The black-and-white striped badger is an iconic species in the UK. Watch them live from our Badger Cam at Fingringhoe Wick!

Support Badgers - from £20

Barn Owl by Simon Taylor

Barn Owl - Danny Green 2020VISION

Barn Owl

With its distinctive heart-shaped face, pure white feathers, and ghostly silent flight, it's easy to identify the beautiful Barn Owl. Watch them live from our Blue House Farm Barn Owl Cam.

Support Barn Owls - from £20

Water Vole eating Terry Whittaker 2020 Vision

Water Vole - Terry Whittaker 2020Vision

Water Vole

The Water Vole is under serious threat from habitat loss and predation by the non-native American mink. You may spot them at our Fingringhoe Wick nature reserve. 

Support Water Voles - from £20

Hedgehog by Tom Marshall

Hedgehog - Tom Marshall


Small, round, brown and famously covered in spines, the Hedgehog is one of the most familiar of Britain’s wild mammals. They can be found on our Abbotts Hall Farm reserve.

Support Hedgehogs - from £20

Brent Goose by Andrew Armstrong

Brent Goose - Andrew Armstrong

Brent Goose

The UK’s smallest goose, you’re more likely to hear them coming as they chatter in their thousands, flying in big groups called ‘skeins’. 

Support Brent Geese - from £20

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Please note: to receive your gift certificate in time for Christmas you need to order no later than midday 17th December 2019. 

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