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The Essex Coastal Challenge is back!

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Photo:  Eleanor Church

We are the county’s leading conservation charity, committed to protecting wildlife and inspiring a lifelong love of nature. Our climate is in crisis and our species face extinction. The natural world needs our help. Together we can protect the future. Join us.

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Couple Birdwatching Photo: Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography

Photo: Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography

30 Days Wild is back!

This June we challenge you to do 1 wild thing a day! Take part in 30 Days Wild!

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Oystercatcher - Photo: James Rogerson

Oystercatcher - Photo: James Rogerson

Coastal Wildlife Survey

We need your help to record sightings of five key coastal species. Fill in this survey after you visit the Essex coast this summer.

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Outdoor fun
Opening September 2021

Nature Nursery

An all-weather outdoor nursery, based on Scandinavian Nature Kindergartens and Forest Schools, where children have the freedom to learn through the natural world.

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