Get involved

Get involved

Common blue damselfly - Les Binns / Wildnet

Support us in our important work by becoming a member, joining a local group or volunteering some of your time in one of our Nature Discovery Centres or on a reserve.

Join us in campaigning for nature at both a local and national level and find out how you can help us raise vital funds to protect wildlife across Essex, including the option of leaving a gift in your will.

We offer corporate membership opportunities for local businesses who share our values and would like to support our work.

common seal

Photo: Mike Snelle

Support us

Campaign for Nature

Essex Wildlife Trust has a long history of campaigning for positive change for nature and people as well as helping local communities to save special places for wildlife.

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Hedgehog - Photo Tom Marshall

Hedgehog have suffered severe population decline - Photo Tom Marshall


Help us create a Wilder Essex

We must act now to stop wildlife decline in its tracks and bring it back to our towns and gardens. This winter, help to give everyone the chance to experience wildlife where they live by donating to the Wild Appeal today.

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Bluebell walk at Chalkney Wood

Bluebell walk at Chalkney Wood

Local groups

Our local groups do amazing work, spreading the word about our important conservation projects to the local community. 

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