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Day 29 | Fossil Hunting at the Naze

Posted: Friday 30th June 2017 by 30 Days Wild

The Naze is a wonderful site to look for fossils, so Beverly Gadsby left The Naze Visitor Centre and went hunting for exciting fossils.

Day 29 of 30 Days Wild

Beverely Gadsby, the Centre Manager at the Naze shows us some of the reasons why the Naze Visitor Centre is an exciting place to visit. 

The 70-foot high cliffs are made up of London Clay, Red Crag and Thames sands and gravels that are eroding at a rate of 1-2 metres per year. The Naze is a wonderful site to look for fossils, as new fossils are constantly being exposed by the eroding cliffs and falling onto the beach.

Some of the exciting finds are held in the Naze Centre's fossil display, including the tooth of a Megalodon, one of the largest sharks to have ever lived and would have been around 12 metres long and up to 65 tons! Sadly we didn't find any of those today but we did find fossils of gastropods, bivalves and fossilised wood! 



The centre is open seven days a week, 9am to 5pm with a cafe, toilets, education room and informative displays, including a fossil and geology display, information on bird migration and the wildlife that use the site, and a timeline of the Naze from formation to the present day. Visit here for more details.

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