New Year, New Visitors

Peter Hewitt

We were delighted with some exciting sightings in recent weeks, including during our January bird survey, and we're looking forward to upcoming projects.

Bewick's Swans

We were delighted that two Bewick’s swans visited Blue House Farm on Sunday 19th January, using one of our key areas of wetland habitat – Round Marsh. Bewick’s swans have possibly only been seen once or twice at Blue House Farm since the 1970s, so we’re privileged that they decided to drop in!

Tricky to tell apart from the similar-looking Whooper Swan, Bewick’s Swans can be distinguished by the less extensive yellow marking on their yellow and black bill.

Two Bewick's Swans at Blue House Farm

Photo courtesy of John Lilley

Bird Activity

Bird activity is continuing to creep up on the reserve. Our latest winter bird survey revealed climbing numbers of Brent Geese up to 1300+, and regular visitors and volunteers have been watching the Brent Geese ringed at Blue House Farm continuing to use the reserve.

A small group of ringed Brent Geese at Blue House Farm

Brent Geese with colour rings at Blue House Farm - Photo courtesy of John Lilley

A flock of 10 Bearded Tits made an appearance during our last survey. They are always a delight and we rarely see them in such numbers at once, so they were a survey highlight. Other species we’ve been seeing large flocks of, both on areas of wet mud (important feeding habitat) and creating impressive swirling displays in flight, include Lapwing, Dunlin, Starling and Redshank. 

Projects Ahead

We’re coming to the end of an in-depth management planning process for Blue House Farm and as a result, we’ll soon be getting started on some exciting new projects.

Hoping everyone is having a great New Year so far. We look forward to sharing details about upcoming work soon!