6 places to see spring flowers!

Spring flowers at Warley Place

We are lucky to have some breath-taking spring flower displays in Essex! We explore some of the best places to visit over the next few months to make the most of our nature wonders…

Warley Place Nature Reserve

The enchanting Warley Place Nature Reserve comes alive with the colours of spring this time of year! The show of blooming spring flowers take us on a journey beginning with snow drops in January, to Daffodils and Crocuses in March and on to a spectacular array of Bluebells in April. When you visit, make sure to also look out for Magnolias, Camelia, Winter Aconites, Anemones, Foxgloves and Ferns.

Shut Heath Wood Nature Reserve

This peaceful woodland is a true wonder in spring when you can walk through a carpet of Bluebells. It’s not just the Bluebells that fill these woods with colour however; in spring and summer look out for the displays of other beautiful flowers such as Bugle, Cuckooflower, Wood Anemone and Dog Violet.

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Orange tip on cuckoo flower

Photo: Alan Price/Gatehouse Studio

Pound Wood Nature Reserve

Once a neglected woodland, significant restoration work has taken place to improve this reserve for wildlife. This extensive habitat management has transformed the reserve and allowed the Heath Fritillary Butterfly, the UK’s rarest butterfly species, to thrive. If you visit April time, you can experience a beautiful display of blue as the woodland floor becomes carpeted in Bluebells. Other flowers that flourish as the light beams through the trees include Common Cow-wheat, Yellow Archangel, Wood Spurge and Figwort.

Why not attend our annual Bluebell Day? There will be guided walks, entertainment, activities for children and more, plus, we hope carpets of bluebells to admire! 

Annual Bluebell Day

Oxley Meadows Green Winged Orchids

Oxley Meadow Nature Reserve


These secret meadows, enclosed by hedgerows, burst into a sea of purple and yellow in spring as over 75,000 Green-winged Orchids and Meadow Buttercups bloom! The abundance of flowers support a grassland butterflies and the hedgerows provide nesting sites for birds. Visit from April to June to enjoy this enchanting experience!

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Weeleyhall Wood Nature Reserve

This beautiful ancient woodland is host to some breath-taking spring flower displays! In spring, Bluebells carpet the woodland floor before shifting to bright yellow as Yellow Archangel takes hold. When you visit, you may be greeted by the musky scent of Moschatel flowers fills the air as the dew forms.

From April to mid-May, listen carefully for the serenading song of Nightingale, among the calls of other woodland birds.

Nightingale Photo Credit- Andrew Goldmsith

Photo Credit: Andrew Goldsmith

Hanningfield Reservoir Visitor Centre

Hanningfield Reservoir is home to many wildlife spectacles; one that is particularly striking is the bloom of Bluebells and Stitchwort across 30 acres of ancient woodland! 

Would you like to experience spring time at its best? Join us on the 27th April 2019 to see Soprano Pipistrelle Bats, take a walk to see the Bluebells and listen to the dawn chorus at our Bats, Birdsong and Breakfast event!

Bats, Birdsong and Breakfast Event

Hanningfield Bluebells