National Inclusion Week

June, a volunteer at Essex Wildlife Trust tells us about the opportunities she has had with the Trust.

My name is June and since leaving full-time employment I derive a great deal of pleasure from volunteering for the Essex Wildlife Trust.  Having a disability, I assumed that volunteering at a nature reserve would be impossible for me as I was unlikely to be wielding a chainsaw or coppicing. I now work at Hanningfield, in the office, answering the phone, greeting visitors and taking bookings for events. I was astonished at how many opportunities there was for me at the Trust.

Over the last year, I have participated in the Volunteer Strategy Group supporting the development of the volunteer strategy for the Trust over the next five years. I attended Dementia Awareness Training and I am currently an active member of the Inclusion and Diversity group which seeks to reflect the diversity of Essex within Essex Wildlife Trust, so everyone has equitable access to wildlife and nature experiences.

I was born in Northern Ireland and we moved to England when I was four years old.  I had poliomyelitis when I was nine months old which meant life has had some challenges however, I was determined never to let it prevent me from living life to the full.  I have been a teacher and have taught in a variety of different sectors, including schools, colleges and even prison. My degree is in Psychology and I have a Master’s degree in Education Leadership and Management.

Volunteering at Essex Wildlife Trust ensures I get all the benefits of work such as interacting with others and provide a worthwhile service to the support British wildlife and nature.