Get Wild at Home

Get Wild at Home

Here are some ways to connect with nature from your own home...

We will be adding content to this page on an ongoing basis to help everyone at home stay entertained.

Things to do

Over the next few months, things will be a little different across the UK, but that doesn't mean we can't connect with nature. It is proven that a daily dose of nature improves your mental health, so we've got a few hints, tips, and activities to help you stay wild at home. 

Please share your wildlife creations, projects and adventures with us on our social media channels to inspire everyone during this difficult time.

Help your local wildlife

Get out into your garden and look at the nature around you, maybe you have some birds who often visit your feeder or a pond with frogs.  We've got some great activities you can do to keep busy in the garden, or to make a wild balcony if you have less local green space.

Get Crafty

We've got some perfect activities for you to create as well. Why not create your own music, a salt dough creature or a butterfly painting. We have some things you can create in the kitchen as well. Take a look at our activity sheets below to keep you busy!

Things to see

You don't have to go far to see wildlife. Even looking at of your window or standing in your garden can give great opportunities for nature spotting! Learn how to identify garden birds, bees, butterflies, beetles and minibeasts. 

Things to play

Gather your family and download our wild bingo card sheets.

This game is easy to play with any number of players. You will also need one 'bingo reader' to read out the cards. It's up to you how you play! Winners can be the first player to cross off a horizontal row on their sheet, or the first winner to cross off all their tiles. Have fun!

1) Cut out the individual tiles sheet and put the tiles into a bag/container.
2) All players choose a playing sheet.
3) The bingo reader will choose tiles at random from the container and read out what they are.
4) If a player has that tile on their sheet, they can cross it off.

Click on the pictures to save and print your chosen sheet


Test your brain with our wildlife-themed wordsearches!

The words in all the wordsearches are hidden in every direction: upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards or diagonally.  Have fun! 

Colouring sheets

Print out these cool colouring sheets and practice your artistic wildlife skills - perfect for a rainy day! Choose from minibeasts, birds, animals or marine.