Credit: Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Heather Hills Nature Reserve

With amazing views and ancient woodland, this little pocket of nature is worth visiting


Heather Hills
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Know before you go

7 hectares

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Dogs permitted
Under effective control

When to visit

Opening times

Open all year round

Best time to visit

Spring for flower displays and late summer for heather

About the reserve

Stand amidst the Heather at the summit and look out over the steep sided valley and the amazing view at Heather Hills Nature Reserve, part of the wider Danbury Ridge Nature Reserves. 

Wander down to the valley floor past the stream running through the valley center, where a whole range of Ferns and wetland plants flourish along the waters edge.

Elms, mature Beech and European Larch trees spread over the reserve along with beautiful carpets of green Moschatel, growing alongside White Climbing Fumitory and the tiny white flowers of Heath Bedstraw.  

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Environmental designation

Ancient Woodland
Local Wildlife Site (LWS)