New campaign to protect wildlife at sea

Andrew Armstrong

The Wildlife Trusts are calling on everyone to join a giant wave of support for 41 new Marine Conservation Zones

The Wildlife Trusts have just launched a new campaign - #WaveofSupport – to give everyone across the country the chance to back 41 new Marine Conservation Zones and protect our part of the Blue Planet around the English coast.

Recently, the government launched a consultation asking the public for their views about protecting a new group of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) – areas at sea where wildlife is protected from damaging activities. 41 special places have been chosen for the public to comment on, including the Kentish Knock East and part of the Thames Estuary between Grays and Swanscombe. 

Essex Wildlife Trust believes that the consultation is a big step in the right direction for England’s seas. Proper protection of these sites after designation will mean that our seas will be given the opportunity to recover. 

All you need to do to respond to the consultation is to show your #WaveofSupport

To find out more about Marine Conservation Zones and the 41 potential areas being put forward, visit here. The consultation closes on Friday 20th July 2018.