New Cowbridge Woods

New Cowbridge Woods

The Billericay Living Landscapes group has been working to improve this 2.5 hectare site that acts as a magnet to a wonderful array of wildlife.

The newly called Cowbridge Woods, owned by the National Grid is an important Living Landscape site in the area. 500 free tree whips were acquired from the Woodland Trust to plant on the site, while still leaving a large area of grass for hunting raptors, especially Barn owls which have a nearby territory.

The wild wood tree mix consisted of native scrubby species, including Hazel, Crab Apple, Blackthorn, Hawthorn and Holly. The adjacent landowner planted 25,000 native trees to his land, influencing this new living landscape to be named after their farm, coining Cowbridge woods.

Cowbridge Woods

Volunteers from local woods groups, town councillors, River wardens, the Billericay tree wardens group and the EWT special verges.

A group of fantastic dedicated volunteers arrived to plant the new trees, while the local buzzards soared on the thermals above. All trees were planted during one day - many hands made light work!

These new woods will act as an absolute mecca for wildlife for many decades to come, while the trees will help absorb carbon dioxide emerging from Billericay. The woods are another vital part of the jigsaw that is creating the successful Billericay Living Landscapes conservation vision.