Plasticology Workshops

New workshop and assembly for your school

Educating children on the issue of plastic consumption and how it is detrimental to the environment is vital if we are to start to make a difference. We are delighted to now be offering Plasticology workshops and assemblies in schools across Essex. 

Our workshops include:

  • Become a Garbologist - taking a look at how much rubbish we use and how we can improve consumption
  • Plastic seas - how plastic is detrimental to marine life and why we need to act
  • Light lunches - how light is your lunch?
  • Recycling - how to reduce, reuse, recycle and repair
  • Natural recyclers - how to use compost decomposers

We can deliver an interactive whole school assembly and/or workshops to up to 3 classes in a day. We ask for a £90 donation for a whole school assembly or one class session, £240 for an assembly and workshop for three classes or £120 for an assembly and morning. 

For more information and to book please contact us on 01621 862992 or via email on