Record breaking numbers of people took part in 30 Days Wild

Photo - Carol Durrell

This year's 30 Days Wild is a record breaker, with over 350,000 people taking part in the month long nature challenge

The 30 Days Wild challenge to go outside and explore the nature on your doorstep every day in June saw more participants than ever before. With research showing that spending more time in nature is good for you physically and mentally, it’s no wonder why!

The Wildlife Trusts estimate that over 350,000 people took part across the country. If every person who signed up through their home, family, school or business carried out 30 Random Acts of Wildness, that would be over 10 million moments where people got closer to nature. 

The challenge inspired all ages to create their own special times with nature. From pond dipping and mini-beast hunting to yoga in the garden. Some people let part of their garden grow wild for insects, others made a “Hedgehog Highway” in their fence, went to a wild event at an Essex Wildlife Trust visitor centre or made their very own DIY pond using a bucket!

Teachers used 30 Days Wild school packs to take lessons outdoors, with one class even being featured on the first series of BBC Springwatch’s Wild Academy.

Essex Wildlife Trust made a video every day in June, you can watch them all here.

30 Days Wild will be back in June 2019, with new challenges helping everyone to go wild!


Photo - Caroll Durrell