Day 10 - 30 Days Wild

Day 10 | Cake Bake Afternoon

Members of the public were invited to a Cake Bake Afternoon at Abbotts Hall Farm, celebrating the Great Garden Cake Bake with cream teas in the beautiful gardens and walks around the farm and…

Day 9 - 30 Days Wild

Day 9 | Sparrow Boxes

The sparrow boxes were all used this year at Abbotts Hall Farm so volunteers made several new sparrow boxes, hopefully next year they will all be occupied!

Day 8 30 Days Wild

Day 8 | Swallow Nest

Barn swallows have been using the same nests at Abbotts Hall Farm for years, so Emily had a look to see if this year they were using the same nest again and if there were any chicks visible.

Day 3 30 Days Wild

Day 3 | Drawing Nature

To explore the wildlife and nature around every doorstep, Emily explored her neighbourhood and drew any bits she found, to make a colourful representation of the beautiful nature on her doorstep…