Child Consent Form

Child Consent Form

Child's details


In Loco Parentis

Please provide any other information about your child which you think we should know.
Please give the details of one other person who can be contacted during the workshop in the event of an emergency.
Please state any medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, asthma etc.  Also allergies to food and drugs and any religious/personal considerations of which we or a doctor should be aware.


Please note we are not able to administer any medication including sun cream. If your child needs to self medicate please inform the course leader on arrival.

As an organisation we inclusively offer our facilities to all. To ensure we meet your child’s needs, please inform us in advance of any special education needs.

This information is collected to conform  to statutory and legal guidelines and to enable us to comply with our duty of care to those that use our services.  This form will be stored securely following our Data Protection guidelines.  If you wish this data to be removed after a particular event please notify the leader.

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