Nature Course: Photography - Orchids, Wildflowers & Invertebrates

Bee orchid

Bee Orchid, Ophrys apifera, close up of flower, raindrops, June, Norfolk - Dawn Monrose

Nature Course: Photography - Orchids, Wildflowers & Invertebrates

Learn how to photograph the orchids, wildflowers and invertebrates that are found at Chafford Gorge!

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About the event

This course is aimed at beginners to intermediate level and will include a classroom session as well as a practical outdoor session. The main aim of the workshop is to learn how to photograph the orchids and wildflowers that are found at Chafford Gorge, including Bee, Common Spotted, Pyramidal and Man Orchid, as well as Round-leaved Winter Green and Broomrape. We will also look at techniques to photograph the invertebrates found in the meadows.

There will be some instruction on the technical side that directly relate to the subjects, but we will focus on the creative side and field craft.  Please note that the session involves a walk (25 minutes), steps and slopes/hills.



£42 per person

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Know before you go

What to bring

Sturdy footwear and waterproof clothes suitable for the day’s weather conditions, we will go outside whatever the weather! Tea, coffee & refreshments will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch.

In terms of camera equipment you will need:
A camera! DSLR, though some bridge cameras and advanced compacts may be suitable.
A macro lens (or lens with close up/macro mode or close up lens attached).
If it is raining and your camera/lens is not weather proof then a carrier bag or rain sleeve to keep it dry may be needed.
Something to kneel on. Waterproof clothing or something to lay on as you may end up laying down.

The following may be of use:
A bean bag to rest your camera/lens on
A tripod (if you have one)
Extension tubes
Flash and diffuser
Long telephoto lens (e.g. 300mm lens)



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