c2c commuters serenaded with birdsong

Nightingale by Steve R Jellett

Essex Wildlife Trust have partnered with c2c Rail for the launch of the 30 Days Wild nature challenge. Commuters woke up to something out of the ordinary today, with the song of the nightingale, the UK’s most iconic songbird serenading passengers on the c2c Rail network.

Essex Wildlife Trust have partnered with c2c Rail to bring the natural world to commuters, to lift spirits and emphasise the importance that nature can have on our wellbeing. The sound of the songbird also kicks off the start of the 30 Days Wild challenge run by The Wildlife Trusts, which encourages thousands of people across the UK to do one activity in nature a day, for all 30 days in June.

30 Days Wild pioneers action to help people experience the benefits of our natural world. Now in its fifth year, research has consistently shown that participants of 30 Days Wild feel happier, healthier and more connected with nature at the end of the month.

Emily McParland of Essex Wildlife Trust, says: “We know the positive impact that regular engagement with nature can have on our wellbeing, but in the busy world we live in it can be hard to remember that we all need that nature connection. 30 Days Wild opens that door for a lot of people, with a growing community of individuals motivating and inspiring each other to get that all important daily dose of nature.”

Emily continues, “The nightingale has the most remarkable and varied song of any bird in our country, but due to population declines many people will sadly not have heard one before. We are delighted to be partnering with c2c Rail to let commuters experience this mesmerising song, which we hope will brighten up the start of their day.”

The announcement will be made at all c2c stations excluding London Fenchurch Street between 6.30am-9.30am and 4pm-7pm on Monday 3rd June. 

The c2c route makes it easy to access some of the Essex Wildlife Trust reserves -  near Shoeburyness station you’ll find Gunners Park, close to Leigh-on-Sea is Two Tree Island, and near East Tilbury is Thurrock Thameside Nature Park

Last year there were more than 350,000 participants for 30 Days Wild, with individuals, families, schools and businesses all signing up to the challenge. When you sign up you receive a free pack with ideas and goodies to start you on your wild journey. Sign up online or search #30DaysWild on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.