Essex Wildlife Trust encourages the county to get wild

Photo: iStock

The country’s annual nature challenge, 30 Days Wild, returns for its sixth year

As research continues to demonstrate the benefits that spending time in nature has on our mental and physical wellbeing, The Wildlife Trust’s annual nature challenge: 30 Days Wild aims to see the whole country re-connecting with our natural world.

30 Days Wild is a nature-inspired challenge run by The Wildlife Trusts every June. Back for its sixth year, Essex Wildlife Trust wants to see the whole of Essex go wild, by getting outside and doing one activity in nature a day, for all 30 days in June. Activities can include anything nature-based, from creating wild art, feeding the garden birds, exercising outdoors, admiring the setting sun or creating a hedgehog highway in your garden; this June, Essex Wildlife Trust is encouraging everyone to re-connect with our wonderful wild county and the conservation charity are giving individuals the tools and inspiration to do so.

Carrying out a daily Random Act of Wildness can make a real positive impact for wildlife, but it also benefits the people taking part. Research conducted by the University of Derby every year has consistently shown that getting a daily dose of nature during the whole of June made 30 Days Wild participants feel happier, healthier and more connected with nature.

Last June saw over 3,000 families, businesses, care homes and schools sign up to go wild in Essex with the aim to rekindle that precious relationship with the natural world. It may be slightly different this year, but Essex Wildlife Trust are determined to make this June just as wild as ever.

Sign up here to get your free digital pack, filled with tips, activities and bonus downloads throughout June - to help you live the best wild month you possibly can. A growing online community provides inspiration and ideas, share your activities by tagging #30DayWild and Essex Wildlife Trust on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Essex Wildlife Trust will also be posting inspiration across social media to keep June wild!