Megalodon makes a splash!

The giant extinct shark comes to life in the form of a 4-metre long scale model that is suspended from the ceiling at Essex Wildlife Trust's The Naze Centre

The mighty Megalodon was an 18-metre shark found throughout our oceans 2.3-20 million years ago, including right here, swimming off the Essex coast. No one knows for sure what they would have looked like but scientists have predicted that it was similar, albeit three times larger, to the Great White sharks found in the oceans today.

But you don’t have to travel back in time or imagine what this creature looked like, now you can meet this Megalodon face on as a 4-metre long scale model has been revealed at Essex Wildlife Trust’s The Naze Centre, supported by funds raised by National Lottery players.  

We know these incredibly sized sharks were found here because their teeth have been uncovered from The Naze cliffs. The name Megalodon translates to “Big Tooth”, as their teeth could reach a jaw-dropping 18cm long. As the 70ft high cliffs at The Naze erode, ancient fossils including Megalodon teeth are uncovered and released on to the beach, meaning if you’re extremely lucky you could possibly find one of these giant teeth on the beach.

The Naze Centre displays a previously found Megalodon tooth so even if you’re unsuccessful in your search you can still see one of their monstrously sized teeth up-close. Find out more about The Naze Centre and plan your visit by clicking here.

Red cliffs at The Naze