Volunteers plant more than 4,000 trees this winter

Volunteers and staff from Essex Wildlife Trust’s Abberton Reservoir Visitor Centre have reached their goal of planting over 4000 trees this winter. This will make the running total of trees planted on the nature reserve and the wider site an impressive 80,000!

Working in partnership with Essex and Suffolk Water, who provided the trees and guards, a group of 10 Essex Wildlife Trust volunteers have been hard at work planting scrub and woodland species such as Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Dogwood, Dogrose, Spindle, Guelder rose, Oak, Hornbeam and Crab Apple. When fully grown, this will provide an important habitat and passageway for wildlife as it will expand woodland and connect hedgerows together. The berries and fruit produced by these trees will also be an important source of food for a number of wildlife species.

Despite the lower temperatures at the start of the year, the planting continued as the ground remained soft and full of moisture for the young roots. The first two seasons are critical for the young trees and how well they are planted makes a substantial difference to their survival, so each volunteer received training from the Ranger and have all been planting with care and efficiency.  

If you would like to get involved with volunteering for Essex Wildlife Trust, they have opportunities all over Essex as they manage and care for over 8,400 acres of land on 87 Nature reserves, 2 Nature parks and 11 Visitor centres. Please contact volunteering@essexwt.org.uk to find out more about Essex Wildlife Trust’s volunteering opportunities.